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21 February 2008



I was hoping you would have some pictures! For the most part we got to sit in the house and watch the first part of the eclipse through a bedroom window. We did have to go outside once it got in the dark umbra of the earth as the position had moved so drastically. Just to let you know, the star (above the moon) was Regulus and the planet (lower left) was Saturn. Unfortunately, I didn't see the second half of the eclipse as I was too tired and went to bed. Ah well.

Chzbrgrz on yr pikchurz.


I figured the 'stars' were a combination of celestial objects, but I haven't kept up with star charts and planetary movements other than listening to Star Date on NPR, when I happen to catch it.

Daryl Cobranchi

I hope the 2010 eclipse is in the summer.




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